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About MCSO

Montgomery County Sheriff's Office
Montgomery County Sheriff's Office

Montgomery County was the third county created by the Republic of Texas in 1837, and the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office was established at that time under its first Sheriff, Joshua Robbins.  That began a long and rich history of service to the citizens of Montgomery County by its Sheriff's Office, which reached its 185th anniversary in 2022. Today, MCSO is a premier law enforcement agency, and is the seventh largest Sheriff's Office in the State of Texas.  


Elected as Sheriff by the citizens of Montgomery County in 2016, Sheriff Rand Henderson leads the agency of close to 1000 law enforcement professionals and civilian support personnel today, who's mission of service to its citizens is second to none. Henderson began his law enforcement career as a patrol deputy for MCSO in 1994, and advanced through the ranks of the agency to become its leader today.  


Upon taking office in January 2017, Sheriff Henderson began to develop and implement a new Strategic Plan for MCSO, which set the framework for the future of the agency. Updated in 2019 and again in 2023, the plan presents a very clear picture of the agency accomplishments since Sheriff Henderson took office, and how the agency will organize and operate for the next several years.  A cornerstone of the plan is called the "P.A.C.T", which defines the four core values of the agency .... "Professional, Accountable, Compassionate, and Trusted".  These four values provide the guiding principles by which the men and women of MCSO conduct themselves as they serve the people of Montgomery County every day.


Please learn more about the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office with this link to their webpage:

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