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Membership in MCSCAAA is available to all graduates of the Montgomery County Sheriff Citizens Academy.  We also accept members that have graduated from other Citizens Academies, in most instances.  Graduates may apply for membership by contacting MCSCAAA with an expression of interest, at which time we will explain how to become a member and we will initiate the application process for you.  If you qualify, please join us, we would love to have you as part of our family.

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About Us

The members of the Montgomery County Sheriff Citizens Academy Alumni Association (MCSCAAA) are proud supporters of the many men and women of the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office, and consider them true partners and leaders in our area of Texas.  MCSO was the first law enforcement agency to offer the citizens of Montgomery County a Citizens Academy program back in 1997, and the program was a success from the beginning.  After a few years, the graduates of the Citizens Academy classes chose to take the next step and form an Alumni Association, with the purpose of building an even stronger relationship between the citizen graduates of the program and MCSO, built on trust, service and our mutual goals of making Montgomery County a great place to live.  MCSCAAA was formally incorporated in 2004, and now has a rich history and record of ongoing support of the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office.   


With more than 100 members in 2023, MCSCAAA continues to provide several thousand volunteer hours of service each year in many areas of MCSO, including such things as assistance in the Records Keeping office, the Crime Stoppers program, jail operations, K9 training, support during events such as the Promotions and Awards Ceremonies, Academy Cadet Graduation Ceremonies, and numerous other functions throughout each year.  Our Alumni Association provides financial assistance to individual officers any time there is a special need from something like an injury to an officer, severe illness or the like.  Our members are always proud to help in any way we are needed, and know all we do is greatly appreciated by the men and women of MCSO.  Sheriff Rand Henderson has always been a strong and vocal proponent of the value MCSCAAA brings to the agency, and regularly thanks our members for all they do.  


MCSCAAA is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit entity.  The affairs of the Alumni Association are governed by our ByLaws, and administered by a MCSCAAA Executive Board comprised of six elected Association officers, the Association Historian and the MCSO Liaison Officer.  MCSCAAA members meet regularly on the 3rd Monday of each month (except December) with an Agenda that covers association business matters, upcoming events, volunteer opportunities, MCSO updates from our Liaison Officer, and an occasional guest speaker that will often present topics of high interest to everyone. Each meeting begins with a presentation by our Chaplain of our official MCSCAAA Opening prayer, followed by everyone's recital of our Pledge of Allegiance to our Nation, and our Pledge of Allegiance to the State of Texas.

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              MCSCAAA Executive Board - 2023 - 2024

Debbie Lee.JPG

Debra Welch Lee - President

Ronnie Rector.JPG

Ronnie Rector - 1st Vice President

Gary Jones.JPG

Gary Jones - 2nd Vice President

Sandra Welch 2.JPG

Sandra Welch - Secretary

Juli Schmoker.JPG

Juli Schmoker - Treasurer

Phil Niewald 2.JPG

Phil Niewald - Sergeant At Arms

Rita Crosby.JPG

Rita Crosby - Historian

Steve Squier.JPG

Steve Squier - MCSO Liaison Officer

Montgomery County Sheriff Rand Henderson

A Message From Montgomery County Sheriff Rand Henderson:


I have been personally involved with the Montgomery County Sheriff Citizens Academy since we first offered the academy program to the citizens of Montgomery County back in 1997, so I have first-hand knowledge of all these years of history we now have together.  


As the Citizen's Academy program progressed, the graduates of the classes chose to form an Alumni Association many years ago, for the purpose of continuing their journey with MCSO through volunteerism and agency support.  Today we enjoy a wonderful partnership with our Alumni Association members that has brought much satisfaction and reward to the citizen graduates of our Academy and MCSO alike.  


Each year, the Alumni Association members volunteer thousands of hours of their time in support of the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office in many ways, and I know everyone at MCSO appreciates all that they do to support our mission of serving the citizens of Montgomery County.  We at the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office thank our Alumni Association members for all they do, and look forward to continuing our joint mission of making Montgomery County a great place to live, work and play for many years to come. 

MCSO Liaison Officer Steven Squier

A Message From MCSO Liaison Officer Steven Squier:

It was an incredible honor in 2013 when Sheriff Tommy Gage asked me to consider taking the role as Citizen Academy Coordinator for our Sheriff’s Office, and a deeper honor to serve as the Liaison Officer for our Citizen Academy Alumni Association.  In the time I have served in this role, I have come to know the citizen volunteers who have incredible servant hearts and who work tirelessly to support my brothers and sisters of the thin blue line.


When Sheriff Rand Henderson took office in 2017, he continued to entrust the Citizen Academy in my care.  This is not something I take lightly as Sheriff Henderson was involved in the creation of the Sheriff’s Citizen Academy and it remains our most important community outreach program.


The Montgomery County Sheriff Citizen Academy and Alumni Association have proven to be critical parts of the Sheriff’s Office, and the compassion and love the members give to those of us working in this difficult field is unmatched.  It is through their dedication and incredible feats of volunteerism that they have become part of the Sheriff’s Office family.


The members of the Alumni Association have not only become valuable members of our Sheriff’s Office- but they have become lifelong friends, and people who have brought such joy and light to my personal life that I could not imagine what my life would be like without them.

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