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Humble CPA Alumni Association Joins The MCSCAAA Convention Sponsor Team!

March 29, 2022 - Members of the Humble Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association have joined hands with MCSCAAA as a new sponsor with the rank of "Lieutenant" for the 2022 Texas Citizens Police Academy Alumni and Law Enforcement Training Convention. This partnership between MCSCAAA and the Humble CPA Alumni Association demonstrates again the strong commitment we share in being active supporters of the Law Enforcement agencies we are associated with. The Humble CPA Alumni Association is an active group, meeting monthly at the Humble Police Department and assisting the department with many functions throughout each year. The Humble CPA Alumni Association acts as a volunteer branch of Humble PD, and is always ready to help with community service projects and other tasks that require extra manpower for day-to-day PD operations. This Alumni Association also operates a very successful and active Citizens On Patrol program, which has been recognized by the Texas Citizens On Patrol Association as an outstanding example of how citizens can help their Law Enforcement partners in their area. MCSCAAA salutes the members of the Humble Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association, and welcomes them to the team!

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