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MCSCAAA Volunteers Help With East Montgomery County 2022 "Sharing Is Caring" Campaign

October 29, 2022 - The East Montgomery County 2022 "Sharing is Caring” event was held today, and several MCSCAAA members volunteered their time to help with the event. It was a breezy day,so caps, barrettes, and jackets were part of the attire.

The full tally of all the food and money collected is not yet available, but check out the pictures to see a fraction that was donated. And look for the MCSCAAA member who drove all the way from West Montgomery County to bring donations!

MCSCAAA wishes to offer our thanks to the many volunteers from Woodforest Bank, MCSCAAA, MCP4CA, Taylor's Organization, and area Fire Departments and Law Enforcement Agencies for making this event a reality. A special word of thanks to MCSO Sergeants David Miller and Willie Kendrick Jr., and to all the area law enforcement officers for their relentless efforts. Our biggest thanks are to the citizens of East Montgomery County for the donations of food and money. All this effort and generosity goes to help our friends and neighbors through the Mission Northeast.

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