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2021 Texas CPA Alumni and Law Enforcement Training Convention

August 6, 2021 - Several MCSCAAA members attended the 2021 Texas CPA Alumni and Law Enforcement Training Convention in July at Plano, Tx. The Convention was hosted by the Plano CPA Alumni Association, with approximately 375 attendees at the three day event. The Convention was very well organized and conducted by Plano CPAAA, and featured numerous speakers covering a variety of very interesting educational topics. MCSCAAA was prominently recognized as the Alumni Association that will be serving as host for the 2022 Convention in Montgomery County.

At the final night of the Convention, our MCSO Liaison Officer Steve Squier was honored as the recipient of the annual TCPAAA Ray Ramon Award as Peace Officer of the Year for 2021. This award has been given by TCPAAA each year since 2003 to honor the Texas Peace Officer who has done the most to serve the numerous Citizens Police Academies around the state. And, what makes this award even more special is this: Steve is the first recipient of the award coming from a county Sheriffs Office .... all previous winners have been from municipal police departments from around Texas.

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