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MCSCAAA Preparations For The 2022 TCPAAA Convention At Margaritaville Are Nearing Completion!

June 4, 2022 - MCSCAAA convention planning team leaders gathered at Margaritaville Lake Resort today to hold their final meeting for the upcoming Texas Citizens Police Academy Alumni and Law Enforcement Training Convention, and set plans for the final week of preparation for the upcoming event. MCSCAAA members have expended more than 1250 volunteer hours of planning and preparation to get ready for the convention, and it appears that the stage is set for a great convention for everyone. More than 325 Citizens Academy Alumni members and Law Enforcement personnel are registered for the convention, which will offer attendees 35 educational class sessions to choose from, as well as several entertainment sessions, wonderful meals and of course the great Margaritaville venue itself. MCSCAAA looks forward to welcoming our many friends from around Texas to Montgomery County soon, and hope they will enjoy their convention and come back to see us often.

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