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MCSCAAA Provides Funding For MCSO Volunteer Chaplain Corps Appreciation Breakfast

December 7, 2021 - MCSCAAA recently provided the funding for an Appreciation Breakfast for the Volunteer Chaplain Corps of the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office, hosted by Sheriff Rand Henderson and a number of members of Sheriff Henderson's leadership team. The members of the Chaplain Corps and MCSCAAA often assist each other with their shared missions of ongoing support for the men and women of MCSO, so MCSCAAA was very happy to help with this Appreciation Breakfast for the Chaplains. The breakfast, held at the Honor Cafe in Conroe, was attended by more than a dozen volunteer Chaplains, Sheriff Henderson, Major Tim Cannon, Captain Melvin Franklin, Sergeant Mike Evans, MCSO Wellness Coordinator Nancy Bond, and other members of the MCSO team. On behalf of MCSO, Ms. Bond expressed appreciation to the Alumni Association for helping with the event, and Major Cannon shared a number of remarks with the group regarding all that MCSCAAA members do for the Sheriff's Office. Major Cannon also encouraged the Chaplains to attend the Citizens Academy themselves and then become Alumni Association members, five of which have already done so. Major Cannon also shared several complimentary remarks about our Liaison Officer Steve Squier and the work he does with our Alumni Association. Afterwards, Ms. Bond sent a very nice note to MCSCAAA, thanking us for this support for the Chaplains.

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