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MCSCAAA Volunteers Assist At MCSO Academy Class A-22 Cadet Graduation Ceremony

August 30, 2022 - MCSO Citizen Academy Alumni Members were on hand to welcome the graduates and their guests to the MCSO Training Academy Class A-22 Cadet Graduation Ceremony. Members were very busy passing out programs, seating visitors, and generally doing anything MCSO needed for the ceremony to run smoothly. Fourteen cadets graduated in Academy Class A-22 and became new Deputies at the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office. The Commencement Speaker at the event was Houston Radio Czar, Michael Berry. Mr. Berry reminded everyone of famous "The Rest Of The Story" broadcaster, Paul Harvey, when he read his tribute to police officers. It was very insightful to think of all the attributes a police officer must be every day.

The Class A-22 Cadet Leader, new Deputy Mario Romero, gave a powerful speech commenting on the intense effort and the comradery developed between the cadets over their time at the Academy. Mario also commented that none of this would be possible without the support of the Cadet's families and the Montgomery County community.

Before closing, Sheriff Rand Henderson invited family and friends to attend the MCSO Citizen's Academy to gain better understanding about what their loved ones will go through as Peace Officers, and encouraged them to go through the Citizen's Academy and then join the Alumni program. Sheriff Henderson thanked the Alumni members for their support and for being in attendance at the graduation.

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