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Montgomery County Sheriff Rand Henderson Joins Convention Sponsor Team!

Updated: May 27, 2022

May 18, 2022 - MCSCAAA is extremely pleased to announce that MCSO Sheriff Rand Henderson has demonstrated once again his very strong support for the MCSO Citizens Academy Alumni Association with a very generous personal sponsorship towards the upcoming TCPAAA Convention at Margaritaville. Having been instrumental in the establishment of the Sheriff Citizens Academy in Montgomery County many years ago, Sheriff Henderson has always been one of MCSCAAA's most ardent supporters, having been there time and again when our Alumni Association needed something from him. On behalf of all the citizens and law enforcement officers from around the State of Texas that will soon be attending the 2022 Texas Citizens Academy Alumni and Law Enforcement Training Convention, MCSCAAA wishes to extend our thanks to Sheriff Henderson for his generous support. It is yet another example of the overall theme of the convention itself ..... "We Take Care Of Each Other"!

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