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Southern Star Brewing Company Ranks As A "Captain" For MCSCAAA!

Updated: May 7, 2022

May 6, 2022 - MCSCAAA proudly welcomes Southern Star Brewing Company of Montgomery County to the sponsor team for the 2022 TCPAAA Convention in June. Southern Star is generously providing a fantastic mix of their delicious beers, valued at $2500, for the convention at Margaritaville. Convention attendees can enjoy these wonderful brews in the MCSCAAA Hospitality Room free of charge each evening after classes, along with snacks, music and lots of fun activities. Southern Star, founded in 2008 by a former Saint Arnold brew master and located in Conroe, has a great team of dedicated brewing and service professions, and is well known for their Taproom, which is open daily and serves their many brews along with a mix of entertainment and fun. MCSCAAA greatly appreciates Southern Star's support of the convention, and urges everyone to visit Southern Star Brewing Company while in Montgomery County, and enjoy all they have to offer. Learn more about Southern Star at their web page here:

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