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Steinmann Law Firm Is Promoted From "Lieutenant" To "Captain" Level Sponsor!

May 1, 2022 - MCSCAAA is pleased to announce that Steinmann Law Firm has been promoted from a Lieutenant-level Sponsor for the upcoming 2022 TCPAAA Convention to the level of Captain with an additional donation of $1500 towards the convention. The Steinmann family was actually the first official sponsor for the convention, with an initial check for $1000 presented to MCSCAAA at the 2021 convention at Plano in July of last year. Steinmann Law Firm, located in Conroe, specializes in criminal, CPS and family cases, and has more than 20 years of service to clients in the Montgomery County area, and this family has a strong history of support for local law enforcement. MCSCAAA gives a hearty "Thank You" to Steinmann Law Firm and the Steinmann family for their support of the 2022 convention! Learn more about Steinmann Law Firm at their Facebook page or their website:

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