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T&S Machine Company, Inc. Upgrades Their Convention Sponsorship Level To The Rank Of Captain!

May 19, 2022 - Announcement of a promotion is in order! Back in January, 2022 T&S Machine Company of Cut & Shoot became a sponsor for the upcoming TCPAAA Convention at Margaritaville, with the rank of Lieutenant. MCSCAAA is proud to announce today that T&S Machine has been promoted to the rank of Captain on the Convention Sponsorship Team with the addition of another very generous check towards the convention. As noted back in January, T&S is a multi-faceted producer of high quality, cost effective machined products, and an employer of numerous skilled craftsmen and shop personnel here in Montgomery County. MCSCAAA again salutes T&S for all they do for the Montgomery County community, and we especially thank them for their wonderful support of this convention.

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