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TCPAAA Region 1 Becomes A Convention Sponsor!

April 12, 2022 - The Montgomery County Sheriffs Citizens Academy Alumni Association is proud to announce that our partners from the TCPAAA Region 1 Board of Directors recently voted for Region 1 to become a Sponsor with the rank of "Lieutenant" for the upcoming 2022 TCPAAA Convention, and have submitted a donation of $1000 for the convention expenses. Region 1 of TCPAAA, one of six CPA Alumni Association regions throughout Texas, is comprised of more than 20 individual CPA Alumni Association organizations in southeast Texas. Many of the members of these Region 1 CPA Alumni Associations are already assisting MCSCAAA with the planning of the convention, and will be working as volunteers to help MCSCAAA conduct the activities at Margaritaville in June. MCSCAAA is very grateful to these Region 1 partners for their help and support for the upcoming convention.

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